The Question

(Intro – whispered softly)

Stand up, feel it, close your eyes now
If we.. believe, we can change now


Lights of heaven shine
Silent words divine
Angry storm goes raging past the sky

Child with arms outstretched
Question in his eyes
Bending down on knees in vain

The world in your arms
Now all is in dust
Angels no more messengers of fate

Under blood-red clouds
Lunatics are Kings
I still ask you once again


Do you cry when it hurts?
Do you laugh out in joy?
Do you know what it means
To live a life of fear?

When the morning shall break
After the longest night
Will you remember who you really are?

(Extended scream, followed by guitar solo, fade out)


A froggy monsoon

Studio Photography in 2nd semester ended with a creative photo shoot assignment. The theme assigned to our group was Monsoon. The others worked on Summer, Winter and Spring. Each group was also restricted by a colour theme, and ours was blue.

I decided to give it a fun twist, as opposed to the usual moody, grey, desolate or romantic. Monsoon reminds me of the thousands of croaking frogs in and around the local drains and pools. And yes, also the paper boat days of school. So I worked around the two to make origami jumping frogs of different shades of blue, and randomly placed them on painted pebbles (made shiny with a coating of oil). Then experimented with lighting to get the kind of reflection I was looking for, specially for the water ripples. This image is part of a series that I shot, helped by my group mates – Sai and Rakesh.

Coming soon!

Poster made during a course titled ‘Elements of Moving Images’.

A stop-motion animation (not more than 10 seconds) was made on each of our batchmates, using his/her alter-ego to denote his/her characteristics. In my animation I made use of Sonam’s favourite perfume bottle. The layout has a lot of white space, giving her room to flow out. Carpe Diem was another film I had shot and edited during the same course.