Pseudonym marries Comic books

Had this idea when Pseudonym was called in to perform at the last hour, to fill in at Someplace Else (The Park Hotel, Kolkata), when American band Black Lips had to cancel their gig. After all, the show had to go on.. 🙂


Birdie birdie

Blast from the past – these watercolours were done in ’97 (as far as I remember).. when I could still draw.. *sigh*


Looking thro’ the iron grilles
The morning breaks again
The sun makes no promises
I’m calm.

Standing on the balcony
I see the flowers shed
Fragile, yellow, feather-like
I’m calm.

A little mouse gets caught
The crows stoop down to pick
In the menacing greed of their eyes
I’m calm.

I turn my thoughts to you
But don’t know where to look
In the dark, I close my eyes
I’m calm.

She spreads out, she lets you in
The insects crawling on my skin
One swift knife and all is clean
I’m calm.

The shower’s on, I sit down
The ice-cold water engulfs me
Erasing memories for a while
I’m calm.