Sewn and Silent





















Revamped an old drawing after listening to Sewn and Silent on a loop, a beautiful and haunting single from Karnivool‘s first studio album Themata.

Coloured with oil pastels on textured paper, later scanned and photoshopped.


The Bengali Proverbs Project

A set of ten illustrations depicting some well-known Bengali proverbs. I’ve used contemporary Bengal as the setting with characters from typical middle-class background reacting to various humorous or tragi-comic situations. This is a student project undertaken at design school to help young students, who study Bengali as a second language, understand the nuances of the language through illustrations that they can hopefully connect to.

Each of them were first hand-drawn on A4 cartridge sheets with black ink and brush pen. They were later scanned at 600dpi and digitally coloured on Photoshop. I also wrote little stories of about 100 words to support the illustrations. The final book can be viewed here.

For mum

Handmade cards is an age-old tradition at our house.. birthdays, anniversaries, new years.. and its time to get busy. Unfortunately with some deadlines to meet, I couldnt come up with anything big for my mum this year. This is a 10 minute job on the Wacom, mailed in a hurry at midnight, albeit with a lot of love, while the NID security guards jingled their keys to close the lab for the night.