Standing Out..

Composition inspired by a small shot from a film I saw today (The Amazing Spiderman to be precise..) Came home and sketched out from memory, although the mood is very different here (the original was a funeral procession). The monsoons have begun in Pune, and this here is my toast to the season..


Sober and Beautiful
























Spent my Sunday morning watching Bartolucci’s The Dreamers. The dialogue is from that film, but the similarity ends there. Just rediscovered my love for black and white again.

When in Calcutta..

On my way back from Calcutta, during the boring 2.5 hour flight to Ahmedabad, with the never ending blue horizon, the piercing sun, and the stiff-haired air hostesses for company, I decided to fill up a couple of pages of my handy sketchbook with memories of my hometown. For some reason, this year had been extra special for many reasons, but mostly because I confined myself to the comforts of home for a (much needed) change. For a change I got a chance to celebrate the mundane joys of life, like a lazy bus ride to nowhere, a heavy breakfast at home followed by a nap followed by lunch again, and much much more..