Another one of my birthday cards.. (been a while since I made any).. Drawn from memory and a lot of imagination, with no photo reference. Also, no ink, paint or paper was harmed during the making of this work.

ps; some think my friend here looks like Jesus.. but he’s pretty darn bad-ass if you know what I mean. So I made him a nice velvety couch to plot his evils, and put his stud dog (Shifu) on his lap too (James Bond’s villain with the Persian cat, anyone?)


For mum

Handmade cards is an age-old tradition at our house.. birthdays, anniversaries, new years.. and its time to get busy. Unfortunately with some deadlines to meet, I couldnt come up with anything big for my mum this year. This is a 10 minute job on the Wacom, mailed in a hurry at midnight, albeit with a lot of love, while the NID security guards jingled their keys to close the lab for the night.

“Cars 2” mobile hanger

My little nephew recently turned 3. As it happens, this cute little bundle of mischief has an undying love for absolutely everything that run on wheels.. so when his birthday arrived “Cars” seemed to be the most obvious theme for him. Based on the Cars 2 movie poster, I made this handpainted mobile hanger and it now hangs in his room. Seems like Lightning McQueen did manage to make him happy 🙂