Random Ramblings of the Lunatic

What would you do
If you went to bed
But the night wanted you
To stay awake..

You’d look outside the window sill
And lose yourself in memories
Of the times we still were kids..

You’d close your eyes
And want to sleep
In order to wake
On that perfect day;
But deep inside you’d always know
You cannot fool your soul!

Is this why you walk the streets,
And peep through windows every eve,
Wondering if there’s another soul
– anyone at all –
Who knew the answers to your prayers,
And take you in her arms?


On the Face of it

On the Face of it

You are Fake.
You are Plastic.
A Hypocrite.

Your Deceptive smile.
Superficial words.

I am sick of it!
So sick of your lies.
Your pretension makes me laugh.

Now is the time.

A visual narrative inspired by the sugarcoated people we meet everyday. Your friends, your colleagues, your teacher, boss or relatives. Yes, the ones you should ideally stay away from, unless you are one too.. Played with the idea of social butterflies, .. someone who “puts on” a charade, .. and an unbearable excess of such pretension.

On Turning 24

When dreams collide with fairy-tales
A fantastic world awakes…
Where snails fly past a sleeping earth
Giraffes stretch out their necks,
Fireflies glow brighter still
Before the morning breaks.

A little girl skips cloud to cloud
Daisies in her hand,
The alarm rings, she’s twenty four
Her world comes to a stand.

When suddenly, a fairy, sits gently by her side,
The girl smiles, shuts her eyes, and again she’s a child.