Claying around..

I remember doing a lot of plasticine modelling as a kid. Play-doh it was called, and I simply looooved it. That was, until I got a chance to play with the real stuff.

Last week a couple of artisans came to NID from Molela, Rajasthan. I have chosen ‘Expressions with Clay’ as my open elective this semester, and as luck would have it, I actually got a chance to learn from these craftspeople. In simple words, with practised hands, fluid movements, and interesting folk stories to back it up with, they introduced us to their indigenous hollow relief technique for making plaques. While it all seemed so easy, I struggled with something as basic as kneading the clay, and flattening the slab, or making a form that looks like a nose, and not a pyramid.

This was my first venture – Ganesha (who turned out to be as thin as me). The plaque is still drying, and is yet to undergo firing.. but thought I’d share it with you nonetheless before there’s some uncalled-for disaster.