On Rubina’s Death

A week before my semester II jury, I’ve been doing everything but projects and documentation. This is a CD cover for a personal music compilation, using water colour and poster paint.

Note: Rubina is a beautifully written music piece by Joe Satriani, from the album ‘The Beautiful Guitar’



His eyes shone brilliantly for one last time
Warm air breathing on my face
Tiny beads of sweat glimmered and fell
And then, it was all over.

Lying next to him I looked up for a while
As the ceiling descended on me
Looking away, the paint was peeling off
I prayed, please not just yet!

Held on to the sheets as tight as I could
Motionless, before we speak
The greyest dawn peeped under the door
Then some voices in the street.

A half-eaten pizza lay orphaned on the floor
Where hungry ants had made a temporary home
I noticed how they moved, to take my mind off
The cold shivering of my skin.

My services won’t be needed, he said,
I could go back to where I came from
I stared, then punched him in his eye
“I was not your whore!”