Book of Twisted Logic – 1

Book of Twisted Logic - 1

Havent sketched much ever since I shifted to Maximum City. Trying out my new rice paper sketch book, and this one’s first of a series I intend to continue with. Hoping I’ll have more to churn out, now that I’m in love with the paper..


Remembering Mohiner Ghoraguli

A publication project I had undertaken at design school, following the life and times of Bengali folk-rock band Mohiner Ghoraguli. Sharing the illustrations I had done as part of the same. Barring a couple of illustrations that were done using direct references from original band photographs, all artwork are based on my personal interpretations of their songs and mood. Sketched outlines using pencil, followed up by a quick brushwork with transparent watercolour inks in shades of sepia, stone grey, flesh tint, yellow, blue and red. Later scanned and cleaned up on photoshop. The 32-page book can be read here.

© Dammygraphy and MOONSHINE, 2008-2012.

The Bengali Proverbs Project

A set of ten illustrations depicting some well-known Bengali proverbs. I’ve used contemporary Bengal as the setting with characters from typical middle-class background reacting to various humorous or tragi-comic situations. This is a student project undertaken at design school to help young students, who study Bengali as a second language, understand the nuances of the language through illustrations that they can hopefully connect to.

Each of them were first hand-drawn on A4 cartridge sheets with black ink and brush pen. They were later scanned at 600dpi and digitally coloured on Photoshop. I also wrote little stories of about 100 words to support the illustrations. The final book can be viewed here.

Innocence Faded

Woman’s Day is around the corner and my mind went for a walk. Incidentally, it is also the day Holi will be celebrated all over India. And like every other year, I shall not be taking part in the festival. The most commonly available colour of Gulaal/Abeer (coloured powder thrown at each other during the festival) is red – aggression, passion, lust, love, power – all rolled into one.