House of Cards
















A quick sketch while listening to Radiohead.. one of my all time favourite songs


Sober and Beautiful
























Spent my Sunday morning watching Bartolucci’s The Dreamers. The dialogue is from that film, but the similarity ends there. Just rediscovered my love for black and white again.


It starts like a seed
A magic weed
That grows without water
Not food
Nor love.

A day soon comes
When you’re engulfed,
Drops of paralysis
Like a swarm
Of bees.

It is now your master
You its slave,
Is there an equation
For reversal,

When at night you sleep
And dream of death,
Make no mistake,
It is near
It is near.

Knocking in your ears
Mocking at your guts
Throbbing in your temples
Your eyes
Shut it wide.

Push the needle through
Let yourself go numb,
With the colours flashing by
You’ll know
You are nigh.

Do not speak a word
So pain will never know
About your secret death machine
Advent of
The medicine.

For mum

Handmade cards is an age-old tradition at our house.. birthdays, anniversaries, new years.. and its time to get busy. Unfortunately with some deadlines to meet, I couldnt come up with anything big for my mum this year. This is a 10 minute job on the Wacom, mailed in a hurry at midnight, albeit with a lot of love, while the NID security guards jingled their keys to close the lab for the night.