The Supersonics

Sometimes its a happy thing when your camera doesnt act the way you want it to,.. or what are watercolour and brushes for! This is an impression of The Supersonics gig I went for last week, held at (no prizes for guessing) Hard Rock Cafe, Pune. It was an energetic show, full of colour and youth, and the promise of a kickass band reunion (they were hibernating for close to 3 years). And what a comeback it has been 🙂

Left to right – Rohan (guitar, backing vocals), Avinash (drums), Ananda (vocals, guitar) and Nitin (bass, not in the composition but present in spirit)



Finally managed to get this idea on paper. Recently started water colouring again, and wanted to play with light and dark tones. This particular idea was inspired by a trip to Mayavati in Kumaon, back in 2001. It was a particularly mean winter, and our only hope for survival was a tiny fireplace. This painting is of a scene that should’ve been. The actual scene was not so cosy.