In Another Time and World

When the sun decides to close her eyes,
She slips behind the opaque curtains,
Silently crying out in disbelief
At the absurdity called life;
The rats come out in tens and hundreds
Scuttling in the dank blanket of gloom,
Spreading the plague like seasoned craftsmen
Infecting the unsuspecting bastards.

Weren’t you too one of them?
Hiding around the corner…
Waiting to be hit by the rodents?

Aah, no worries now,
What were you to do?
It is I who had loved, not you!

My soul stretches across the clouds
Weeping along with the sun
Bleeding as it vanishes,
Vanishing into thin air, like a dream that was.
I close my eyes too, not wishing
To see the end of a dying earth;
In another time and world, dear love
Everything is in order… perhaps.