Book of Twisted Logic – 1

Book of Twisted Logic - 1

Havent sketched much ever since I shifted to Maximum City. Trying out my new rice paper sketch book, and this one’s first of a series I intend to continue with. Hoping I’ll have more to churn out, now that I’m in love with the paper..



Just when I thought I was on the verge of losing it, a mail pops up in my feeder, with a subject that reads “How to stay sane”. I am amazed by this telepathic connect between me and my favourite e-zine. Why I am telling you this? Well I am chasing impossible deadlines and I havent really slept in the last 4 days, and the only reason I managed to have meals is because I’m home for the first time in years and my dear mom force-fed me at regular intervals. And strangely, here I am, sitting with my blog, even with the universe suggesting otherwise.

In between my sleepless romance with the computer screen, and countless minutes of “I want to pull my hair out right now”, I had my moment of a mini-epiphany. I finally know what really drives me or pushes me to go ahead. Cliched though it sounds at first, my answer is Love. My love for an experience, my love for learning, my love for risk, my love for travel, music and the arts… but also, and most importantly, my love for people. At a very basic level, this IS what makes me tick.  I have often wondered if I am a downright conventional person – orderly, planned, stable. Or am I the hungry traveler who lives life by the moment.. Truth is, I am both. And at the same time, I am probably the most horrible business woman you will ever come across too. I do not blame you if you do not understand me, because I dont think I understand myself too well either. I cannot be ruled by systems, nor do I ever want to be “normal”, because.. please do tell me if you even know what it means? I hereby, gladly embrace my dark side, and promise to continue serving the world in whatever capacity with pure love. Even on days like this, and probably especially on days like this, I realize how much I love my job.. one of the very few in the world that can accommodate people like me (and pays me too, what joy!).

Someday I hope to marry an abandoned android and live happily inside a burrow under a tree with a pet dog called Yo-Yo, and come out only when the air tastes like mint. But right now, I shall get back to my deadlines. Yes. Pure love.



Another one of my birthday cards.. (been a while since I made any).. Drawn from memory and a lot of imagination, with no photo reference. Also, no ink, paint or paper was harmed during the making of this work.

ps; some think my friend here looks like Jesus.. but he’s pretty darn bad-ass if you know what I mean. So I made him a nice velvety couch to plot his evils, and put his stud dog (Shifu) on his lap too (James Bond’s villain with the Persian cat, anyone?)


He came back yesterday. Pepper, as some of us like to call him, thanks to his beautiful peppery coat of fur, had run away on tuesday when the door was accidentally left ajar. His libido ran out, and hungry he got, so back he was scratching at the door meowing earnestly.. Today morning, as I worked on my laptop he cuddled closeby dreaming of all the salmon and tuna food he’d be getting very soon.. Lazy adorable idiot!

The Supersonics

Sometimes its a happy thing when your camera doesnt act the way you want it to,.. or what are watercolour and brushes for! This is an impression of The Supersonics gig I went for last week, held at (no prizes for guessing) Hard Rock Cafe, Pune. It was an energetic show, full of colour and youth, and the promise of a kickass band reunion (they were hibernating for close to 3 years). And what a comeback it has been 🙂

Left to right – Rohan (guitar, backing vocals), Avinash (drums), Ananda (vocals, guitar) and Nitin (bass, not in the composition but present in spirit)

On a Parting Note..

Like everything and everyone who’s meant the world to me, I shall have to let go off you. I need to do this now, right now, because I know we have to part… and I’d rather choose the moment than be surprised at some misopportune moment when I least expect it to happen. Maybe I ought to wait, but I find no reason to wait for a vast stretch of emptiness with the promises of nothing to come. Promises no stronger than the whiff of moist air from distant mystical lands. When we meet next, I may have moved ahead in life, though right now it seems like an impossible feat. In either case, I have run into myself far too many times. No more dead ends wrapped in cloudy grey morns. It is time I let go…

Departures and Arrivals

Of loving, not loving
Of a million last goodbyes,
Final departures from station platforms
And surprise arrival plans..

Repeat telecasts that play,
Hijacking our thoughts
Projected on the silver screen
Of our gullible minds.

Tempting us. Boring us.
We’re puppets of our own design.

Everyday is just the same
As different as another,
A long rehearsal for tomorrow..
A grand finale maybe, or no.

Dust laden window panes
Washing away in the evening rain,
Eyes grown heavy over time
To steal a wink and up again.

Hello! Good Morning (I say),
Wonder if we’re there yet..