Another one of my birthday cards.. (been a while since I made any).. Drawn from memory and a lot of imagination, with no photo reference. Also, no ink, paint or paper was harmed during the making of this work.

ps; some think my friend here looks like Jesus.. but he’s pretty darn bad-ass if you know what I mean. So I made him a nice velvety couch to plot his evils, and put his stud dog (Shifu) on his lap too (James Bond’s villain with the Persian cat, anyone?)


Sewn and Silent





















Revamped an old drawing after listening to Sewn and Silent on a loop, a beautiful and haunting single from Karnivool‘s first studio album Themata.

Coloured with oil pastels on textured paper, later scanned and photoshopped.

The Bengali Proverbs Project

A set of ten illustrations depicting some well-known Bengali proverbs. I’ve used contemporary Bengal as the setting with characters from typical middle-class background reacting to various humorous or tragi-comic situations. This is a student project undertaken at design school to help young students, who study Bengali as a second language, understand the nuances of the language through illustrations that they can hopefully connect to.

Each of them were first hand-drawn on A4 cartridge sheets with black ink and brush pen. They were later scanned at 600dpi and digitally coloured on Photoshop. I also wrote little stories of about 100 words to support the illustrations. The final book can be viewed here.

Innocence Faded

Woman’s Day is around the corner and my mind went for a walk. Incidentally, it is also the day Holi will be celebrated all over India. And like every other year, I shall not be taking part in the festival. The most commonly available colour of Gulaal/Abeer (coloured powder thrown at each other during the festival) is red – aggression, passion, lust, love, power – all rolled into one.

For mum

Handmade cards is an age-old tradition at our house.. birthdays, anniversaries, new years.. and its time to get busy. Unfortunately with some deadlines to meet, I couldnt come up with anything big for my mum this year. This is a 10 minute job on the Wacom, mailed in a hurry at midnight, albeit with a lot of love, while the NID security guards jingled their keys to close the lab for the night.