The Supersonics

Sometimes its a happy thing when your camera doesnt act the way you want it to,.. or what are watercolour and brushes for! This is an impression of The Supersonics gig I went for last week, held at (no prizes for guessing) Hard Rock Cafe, Pune. It was an energetic show, full of colour and youth, and the promise of a kickass band reunion (they were hibernating for close to 3 years). And what a comeback it has been 🙂

Left to right – Rohan (guitar, backing vocals), Avinash (drums), Ananda (vocals, guitar) and Nitin (bass, not in the composition but present in spirit)


4 responses to “The Supersonics

  1. Hey… loved the moods and colours!! Wonder if you could have captured the frenzied energy through your watercolours as well! It’s a challenge.. but if its punk-rock… then the impression should capture it in the bandmembers’ movements… or am I wrong there? 😀

    • no no.. ur not wrong! but more than that, I feel bad that i couldnt include Nitin – the bassist.. however the more u include, the larger your canvas should be.. this, you could say, was a deliberately cropped image, where i tried to simplify the lines and focus more on the colours to capture the ambience.. as for the bandmembers movements, guess i’m still learning how to work with dynamism in my artwork. personally, i was happy that i managed to capture their typical playing styles and postures.. thanks for your observations!

      • The crowd would have captured the responsive energy of the place… but in the impression of the band here… i cant tell if there rocking a punky number or crooning a mellow love ballad…. their heads and legs are kind of static…. maybe if you change the stance and the general verticality of the guitarists… you can achieve a greater vibrancy… try “rock+show+photo” in google images and you’ll get some nice ideas on how some concerts are captured. I think it’s a good idea you generally removed the crowd here… that would have changed trhe focus….

        I cant talk about your poetry much but I sure can critique your drawings! he he!!

      • also.. i used some photo reference here.. if you remember, they’re pretty steady and still while singing, while they jump around immediately after (and not ALL of them).. i know what you’re talking about however.. just consider this to be one of their less-punky songs from that night!

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